Isimi; Nigeria’s pioneer Polo and wellness centre

Communications Management


RTM was contracted to handle publicity and communications for its symposium which held on the 12th of April, 2022.


Isimi Lagos is Nigeria’s pioneer Wellness City located in Lagos, Nigeria. Robert Taylor Media was contracted to handle publicity and communications for its symposium which revealed the 2030 Masterplan as the developers Landwey commenced massive infrastructural project that will turn the 305 acres of land and a string of sites on the North side of the Lekki Lagoon into Nigeria’s First Wellness & Lifestyle City. This event held on the 12th of April, 2022.

We created a communication strategy for this symposium which included identifying and selecting appropriate media outlets that aligned with the target audience of news regarding Isimi Lagos. This included both local print and digital media platforms and television news stations.

We went further to facilitate the media relations for the event-inviting media correspondents from the various identified outlets, preparing media kits, composing press releases and articles for publication and distributing the official photograph from the event. We were also responsible for event coverage which included videography and photography, post-event publicity and media monitoring.

Our method applied in this project yielded the desired result as Isimi 2030 Symposium received a total of 18 paid media mentions spread across traditional, online news, digital, and international news platforms.

We were also able to earn an exclusive interview on Arise News for the CEO of Isimi’s parent Company, Landwey, as well as numerous additional earned media mentions from other news platforms not contacted by us.

We can conclude that the communications objectives of this project which included reintroducing Isimi Lagos as a luxurious destination resort to the Nigerian upper-class clientele, positioning Isimi Lagos as a luxury destination point in Africa, and launching Isimi 2030 to the right target audience using the right strategy were achieved.