Brand Management


Martell Make your statement campaign


For over 300 Hundred years Martell has been making Audacious statements and celebrating individuals who conquer the game by shaking up history and following their passion. This led to a revolutionary social media campaign that communicates Martell’s brands identity - audacity, a demand to be more, a demand to break boundaries as the year begins.

The campaign prides itself with the placement of the most dynamic influencer marketing strategy and prolific unapologetic figures that forged one of the most successful campaigns of the year.

Project managing and influencer engagement was taken up to par as Robert Taylor Media meticulously orchestrated the plan that syncs into the project and made these figures speak directly to the community that advocate Martell and raise the voices of those who embody the legendary brand values of Martell.

The campaign was widely received and applauded on the social media platforms of the influencers as well as picked up by top media platforms in the country.